Akio Suzuki


Akio is a trailblazing sound artist, who hurled objects down stairways in the 1960s to experience their echoing, resonant sounds within architectural spaces, thus changing the world of sound art forever.

For us, he’s going to create a sound walk for Launceston, called Oto-date (or ‘listening point’), by listening in to the particular sounds of this fine town and then mapping it out for others to follow. This work will live on as a legacy for Launnie.

He’ll then also perform at the Festival Hub, and in collaboration with Aki Onda and Hiromi Miyakita, mixing sound art and improvisation on unusual instruments: low-tech and primitive objects from nature and the human world.

Akio Suzuki will also perform at Morning Meditations.

Supported by the Australian Government through the Australia-Japan Foundation of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Oto-date Launch + Performance
Friday 17 January, 56pm
Meeting point and map available closer to the festival
Continues beyond the launch and festival
Saturday 18 January, 3.153.45pm + 6.457.15pm
QVMAG Object Gallery, Festival Hub, Inveresk
Duo with Aki Onda
Sunday 19 January, 66.45pm
Annexe Drama Studio, Festival Hub, Inveresk
Included in Festival Pass $89–$139 + booking fee
Included in relevant day pass $29–$69 + booking fee