Happy Days | Mona Foma 2021

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Happy Days

Jane Lnghurst

‘Here all is strange.’
—Samuel Beckett

Free helpings of Samuel Beckett, the poster boy of existential despair. Popping up across Hobart and Launceston. Theatre in the wild.

In a parched landscape, beneath a drooping parasol, a woman stands buried to the waist in the earth. All about her is scorched and damaged. She talks and talks, ad-libbing for her life...

Monday 18 January, 1pm1.50pm – Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Tuesday 19 January, 1pm1.50pm – Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre

Wednesday 20 January, 1pm1.50pm – Mather’s House

Thursday 21 January, 1pm1.50pm – St David’s Cathedral

Friday 22 January, 1pm1.50pm – Mather’s House

Saturday 23 January, 1pm1.50pm – Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Free with registration

Venue accessibility
These venues are mostly accessible but there may be limitations, depending on which venue you visit. If this affects you, email tickets@mona.net.au for more information.

Director: Robert Jarman
Design: Jill Munro
Original soundtrack: Jacqueline Collyer
Performed by Jane Longhurst with Iain Lang

Presented by the Black Bag Project in association with Blue Cow Theatre

Supported by City of Hobart, Arts Tasmania, Blue Cow Theatre and Round Earth Company